Growing up, I played a lot of sports and loved to be active. The feeling of teamwork, physical exertion and knowing you put your full effort into every game gave me confidence as well as an extreme feeling of accomplishment. In junior high, I began working out at home (lifting weights, circuits, plyometrics etc.); I used sand weights, a rusty bench and the same 10 songs on repeat for 3 straight years.

It didn’t take me long to realize how important exercise was to me. If I missed a day, I did not feel like the same person but when I got a good workout, I felt invincible. It was that 1-2 hour period each day where I hit the mute button on rest of my life; I know I needed this for the sake of mind and body. I competed in powerlifting meets, The Blue Nose Marathon, Mud Hero and The Valley Harvest Marathon in an effort to take my fitness to a whole new level.

As time went on, I worked at various jobs that provided me with a paycheck but nothing more; I was not making a difference in anyone’s life and frankly, didn't like the direction my life was taking.

On June 10th 2014, I was busy at a job I despised and I received the worst phone call imaginable; my father called to tell me that my mother (aged 56) had passed away from cardiac arrest. My mother (the sweetest and most selfless lady I’ve ever known) had a long-waged battle with weight-related health problems.

After she passed, I had overwhelming existential thoughts and took this catastrophic event as a calling to help people like my mother dig themseleves out of obesity through constructive and purposeful instruction. I knew that I needed to use my fitness expertise, positive attitude and energetic approach in order to help others get healthy and build sustainable life practices.

I have decided to fully commit myself to my passion and purpose of helping others live be the best version of themselves. It took a while for me to get here but now, everyday I wake up I get more excited and motivated to be the best personal trainer, friend and teammate possible!