Andrew goes above and beyond for his clients. He is more then just a trainer, he genuinely cares about your well being, health, he is a therapist when need be, helps you out, he listens and gives great advice too; he is a friend and my personal trainer. I highly recommend him! 10 Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ He is knowledgeable about health, running, cardio, weights, form, and is a fantastic role model for both women and men who want a coach who will give them the confidence boost they want and/or need, and cheers them on along the way! Excellent results are gained when working with Andrew!
— Tom Tanner

I can’t wait to run with this group tonight. Andrew Mitton is the best personal trainer and running coach I’ve ever known and he always keeps it fun but will push you beyond limits you thought possible.
— Tina Griggs

Most encouraging trainer ever!! Thanks for getting me ready for mud hero with 6am boot camp, got through in one piece and can’t wait to smash my time next year after some more sessions!
— Jen Jackson
Andrew Mitton is by far the BEST trainer I have ever worked with! He is helping me become the best me. He pushes me to work harder than I ever thought I was capable of without ever getting close to injury. He is dedicated, helpful, the right amount of a**hole to get results and his clients’ biggest cheerleader. If you want to be more fit, healthier and happier - hire Andrew Mitton I promise you won’t regret it!!!
— Kim MacLeod

I have to start my review by saying thank you to Andrew.

Over the past three months he has pushed me and motivated me to become my strongest and healthiest I have been for years. We worked together four times a week for three months and the results both on the scale and in the mirror are fantastic.

I can’t wait to get back with Andrew after a short study break and would highly recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for personalized fitness regiments and overall excellent training. He has all of the equipment and all of the ability.

Sign up for some sessions with this man! You won’t regret it! Thanks again Andrew!
— Andrew Vaughan